[Revised] Notice of the 7th Academy of the Law of the Sea

2021-07-06 16:58
Dear 7th participants of the Yeosu Academy of the Law of the Sea

– Please rename yourself as [First Name_Last Name] on every Zoom Live Lecture to mark your attendance.
– Please turn on your camera and mute yourself while having a lecture.

1. We will update recorded Zoom lecture and its material on [Recorded Zoom Lectures].(will be updated)

2. Only successful participants, who attended 14 live lectures and 10 pre-recorded lectures, earn a professional certificate.

For who missed to take live lectures, we will record and upload the live Zoom lectures on the Classroom, but it is only allowed THREE TIMES to take a recorded Zoom Lectures to take into account your mark of attendance.

So who was absent from the lectures over four times will not be given a Certificate.

3. Make sure to finish taking 10 Pre-recorded lectures on [Pre-recorded lectures](will be updated) by July 14th.

We will upload 14 pre-recorded lectures and you can choose 10 lectures among them.

Please click the ‘Complete’ button below when you finish taking a lecture, to mark your attendance.

4. Please update your profile correctly on [Profile] – [Edit Profile] by July 14th.

We may post a Certificate and souvenir to successful participants by reference to your information you updated on [Profile] page.