Live lectures will be provided online via Zoom and pre-recorded lectures will be uploaded on the Yeosu Academy Classroom.

6 Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 9 Dec 10 Dec 13 Dec 14 Dec 15 Dec
20:00-21:00(KST) Territorial Sea (D.Rothwell) Continental Shelf(T. Heidar) High Seas(J. Kraska) Dispute Settlement(JH Paik) Oceans, Climate and Global Warming(L. Mayer) Fisheries (T. Heidar) Maritime Security(J. Kraska)  International Straits(D. Rothwell)
21:20-22:20(KST) EEZ (JH Paik) Islands (C. Schofield) Maritime Delimitation(C. Schofield) Continents: Oceans and the Science of Article 76(L. Mayer) Sea Level Rise and the LOS(A. Soons) UN and Ocean Governance(V. Jares) Piracy & Armed Robbery at Sea(A. Soons) Development of the Regulatory Framework for Activities in the Area in the Context of the ISA(N. Eastwood)

More than 50 pre-recorded lectures covering a variety of subjects surrounding the ocean affairs will be offered on the online Yeosu Academy Classroom.
Participants can elect and study any subject of the lectures upon their interests.